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Why a broker?

The purchase or sale of a property requires a great deal of technical knowledge. One must manage significant transactional, financial and legal aspects, in addition to knowing how to negotiate effectively. This presents ...

Tips for optimizing your visits

Here are a few basic rules to follow during a visit to help maximize your chances of selling:

  • The first impression:

    Ensure your property is at its best during visits in order to leave a positive first impression.
  • No pressure:

    Do not put unwanted pressure on buyers during their visit: Nobody likes to be pressured into buying. Allow potential buyers to visit at their own pace and let your property speak for itself.
  • Let the light in:

    Abundant lighting is always more inviting. During the day, open the shades to let in the sunlight, and in the evening, make sure your rooms are well-lit.
  • Put your pets safely out of the way:

    Not everyone likes animals.
  • Set an appropriate atmosphere for the visit:

    Eliminate excess noise such as a loud radio or television during the visit.
  • Negotiation:

    Do not try to negotiate directly with the buyer, especially during a visit. Once again, pressuring the buyer could make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Odours:

    Make sure there are not too many strong smells in the house such as food, air fresheners, or odour eliminators, and try to remove any odours of moisture.