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Why a broker?

The purchase or sale of a property requires a great deal of technical knowledge. One must manage significant transactional, financial and legal aspects, in addition to knowing how to negotiate effectively. This presents ...

Tips for preparing your property for sale

Naturally, the sale of your property's success depends in part on the impression potential buyers receive during their visit. First impressions have a huge impact on people's perceptions, so I suggest you review the visual aspects of your property in order to leave the best first impression possible.

Painting is always an inexpensive way to spruce up a property. The colour and light of a room are the first things people typically notice during a visit. Light-coloured rooms usually feel more illuminated and inviting. Sometimes small changes can have a big impact. Refer to the list below to ensure your property is at its best while up for sale.

Exterior aspects:

  • Make sure your front entrance is clean and in good condition - it is the first thing potential buyers will see.
  • Is the property in good overall condition?
  • Do the gutters need fixing?
  • Are there any broken tiles that need replacing?
  • Has the yard been well-kept? - A well-maintained exterior leaves a good impression with respect to interior maintenance.
  • Are hedges and shrubs neatly trimmed?
  • In winter, are walkways shovelled?
  • Does the doorbell work?
  • Etc.

Interior aspects:

  • Do a major house cleaning before putting your house up for sale keeping in mind that people usually pay the the most attention to the kitchen, bathrooms, and main entrance.
  • Are there cracks in your walls?
  • Do the faucets leak?
  • Remove all unnecessary objects such as small appliances on the kitchen counters, family photos, and any other personal objects so prospective buyers can more easily see themselves living in the house.
  • Are any light bulbs burned out?
  • Are rooms too crowded, or is there too much furniture?
  • Are the bathrooms in good condition?
  • Make sure the doors do not squeak.
  • Are the kitchen cabinets as clean on the inside as they are on the outside?
  • Etc.

To make sure your property is at its selling best, use the preparation checklist below to help you plan any repairs needed before the first visit. However, remember that when you spend money on home improvements, you may not always be able to add that amount to the selling price. Therefore, it pays to remain reasonable.

Facility audits Cleaning
  To do Cost   To do Cost
heating     walls    
electrical system     floors    
water     light fixtures    
air conditioning     windows    
other :     doors    
      storage spaces    
      ohter :    
Total cost:     Total cost:    
Painting Repairs and maintenance
  To do Cost   To do Cost
entrance     siding    
kitchen     roffing    
living room     windows    
lounge     doors    
bedrooms     garage    
bathrooms     shed    
basement     landscaping    
exterior woodwork     fence    
fence     patio or balcony    
patio or balcony     walkways    
pool     pool    
shed     parking    
other:     other:    
Total cost:     Total cost:    
Preparation costs GRAND TOTAL:

*The above table is from the Association des courtiers et agents immobiliers du Québec Seller Practical Guide

Download the "Preparation Checklist" pdf.